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Prof. Dr. Elazer Edelman

Prof. Dr Elazer R. Edelman is the Edward J. Poitras Professor in Medical Engineering and Science at MIT, where he directs the Institute of Medical Engineering and Science. He is also Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and a cardiac intensive care unit cardiologist at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) in Boston.

Edelman received Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and in Applied Biology, Master of Science Bioelectrical Engineering and Ph.D. in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics from MIT, and M.D. degree from Harvard Medical School. Graduate work with Robert Langer defined the mathematics of regulated drug delivery system.

Prof. Edelman received the TCT Career Achievement Award, Cardiovascular Research Foundation; the Distinguished Scientist Award 2018, American College of Cardiology; the Giulio Natta Medal in Chemical Engineering, Milan Polytechnic; the Biomedical Research Day Honoree (Investigator), Massachusetts Society for Medical Research; the Official Citation of the State Senate Commonwealth of Massachusetts; the Citation, House of Representatives, Commonwealth of Massachusetts*, the Excellence in Mentoring Award, Corrigan Minehan Heart Center, Massachusetts General Hospital.

Prof. Dr. Javier García

Prof. Dr Javier García is the President of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, IUPAC. Previously, he served as a member of its Executive Committee and at its Bureau, and from 2015-2019, Javier was the Vice-President of the IUPAC Division on Inorganic Chemistry.

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Director of the Molecular Nanotechnology Laboratory of the University of Alicante (UA) where he leads an international team working on the synthesis and application of nanostructured materials for the production of chemicals and energy. Published more than one hundred papers, is the inventor of more than forty patents, and the author or editor of seven books including The Chemical Element (2011), Chemistry Education (2015), and Chemistry Entrepreneurship (2021).

Founder of the technology-based company Rive Technology, which markets the catalysts Javier developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Since 2012, the catalysts that Rive Technology sells are used in several refineries, significantly increasing fuel production and the energy efficiency of the process. In 2019, W. R. Grace acquired this technology and now commercializes it globally.

Prof. Dr. Alec Groysman

Prof. Dr Alec Groysman is an Honor President of Israeli Association of Chemical Engineers and Chemists.

Alec Groysman deals with an assessment of corrosion risk for process safety in the chemical industry, kinetics and thermodynamics of corrosion processes, on-line corrosion monitoring, choice and use of corrosion inhibitors, coating systems, selection of appropriate alloys for corrosive service, failure analysis, corrosion management.

Alec is materials and corrosion expert and consultant.

Alec is a lecturer of the course “Materials and Standards in Oil and Gas Engineering” in Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), Haifa, Israel.

His three books came to life by Springer and wrote the first text-book “Corrosion: Monitoring, Control, and Prevention” in Hebrew in 2022.

Alec Groysman is a lecturer of on-line corrosion courses in Europe, America, and Asia. Groysman has special interests in corrosion education and in searching for relationships between corrosion, art, music, history, and philosophy.

Prof. Dr Angel Irabien

Prof. Dr Angel Irabien, since 1991 is Full Professor of Chemical Engineering at UC, Santander (Spain), after being Assistant and Associate Professor at the University of the Basque Country. More than 400 publications, three patents, many international, spanish and industrial funded projects and near 50 PhD tesis supervisión show the main results of the research activities (see ORCID 0000-0002-2411-4163).

International activities have been carried out in Germany, Friedrich Alexander Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg; UK, Kings College University of London and Oxford University and many other countries. In the last ten years 2012-2022 his research interests focus on the analysis, modelling, design, operation, optimization, integration and sustainability assessment of Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) technologies; in order to progress to a more Sustainable Chemical Engineering.

Prof. Dr. Lourdes F. Vega

Prof. Dr Lourdes Vega is a Full Professor in Chemical Engineering and the Director and Founder of the Research and Innovation Center on CO2 and Hydrogen (RICH Center) at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

She has developed her career between academia and industry, with positions in the USA, Spain and the UAE. With more than 220 publications and 5 patents under exploitation, she is internationally recognized for applying molecular thermodynamics to clean energy, and sustainability, focused on CO2 capture and utilization, hydrogen production, storage, transportation and utilization, sustainable cooling systems, and water treatment, moving fundamental science to the applied world.

Among other recognitions, she received the award in Physics, Innovation and Technology by the BBVA Foundation and Spanish Royal Society of Physics in 2013, and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Medal of Scientific Distinguishment in 2020 for her contributions in clean energy. She is an elected member of the MBR Academy of Scientists, a Corresponding Member of the Academy of Mathematics, Physical Chemistry and Natural Sciences of Granada, and an Elected Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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    Abstract submission though the web 
  • 31/03/2023
    Communication of the abstract acceptance to the authors
  • 25/04/2023
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    Last Minute Posters submission
  • 30/05 – 02/06/2023
    15th Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering

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