DG.07 - Thermodynamics & Transport Phenomena
Moderator: Félix Llovell
  • DG.07.01 - NRTL Model for UCST, LCST and Closed-loop LLE Behaviour
    Paloma Carbonell-Hermida, University of Alicante, San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante), Spain.
  • DG.07.02 - Thermodynamic Analysis of the Effect of Commercial Lubricants in the Solubility of 4th Generation Refrigerant R513a
    Carlos Albà, IQS Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain.
  • DG.07.03 - Water-Organic partitioning of Chlorinated Organic Compounds in a real Dense Non-Aqueous Phase produced as Lindane waste.  
    David Lorenzo, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.
  • DG.07.04 - Robust Thermodynamic Models to Describe the Physicochemical Behaviour of Deep Eutectic Solvents for Gas Separation
    Fèlix Llovell, IQS School of Engineering, Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain.
  • DG.07.05 - Thermodynamic characterization of gas mixtures for CCUS applications
    Cristina Mas-Peiro, IQS School of Engineering, Barcelona, Spain.
  • DG.07.06 - Solubility differences of refrigerant gases in ionic liquids
    Salvador Asensio Delgado, Universidad de Cantabria, Santander, Spain.

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