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Guidelines for oral presentations


Authors with accepted abstracts have received a notification email with detailed instructions to prepare and submit their presentations before the Congress. 
Please notice that these guidelines are only for accepted abstracts submitted before September 2nd  
Abstracts receive after September 2nd will be reviewed in the next weeks and will receive their notification with detailed instructions on October 14th  
Please, contact the Scientific Secretariat in case that you had submitted your abstract before September 2nd and you have not received your notification with information about the acceptance and your presentation details.


Prepare your slides using Power Point (recommended):
  • Your presentation slides can be prepared using Power Point. In that case you should prepare your slides in 16:9 format (this option can be set in Power Point in the tab “Design” choosing the option “Page Setup”)
  • Please do not include your abstract reference number.
  • You should not prepare a huge amount of slides, keep in mind that you have limited time for your speech.
  • In order to encourage interaction during the Congress the Scientific Committee kindly suggests authors to include an email address in the last slide of their presentation. This way authors will be able to receive questions during the Congress. Presenting authors are kindly requested to answer the questions received during the Congress days (whenever possible).
  • We would recommend you to save a different copy of your final file as “Power Point Presentation(*.ppsx)” this way the presentation will be displayed in your screen when you open the file.
Prepare your recording:
  • Once you have your conference presentation slides, you must record a 10-minutos video presentation (12-minutes maximum length) giving your speech and using your presentation slides.
  • Free videoconference software, such us Zoom https://zoom.us/, is the easier option (recommended) to record your video presentation.
  • The video format should be 16:9 in Full HD (which is the format by default in ZOOM).
  • The video file format must be .mp4 (format by default in ZOOM).
  • We recommend you to use the option “Share Screen” with the videoconference software to show your presentation slides in the video recording during your presentation while you record your speech
  • Before you start the recording you should double check these points:
    • Enough lighting, avoiding light sources in your back since this may cause “backlighting” and dark image of your face.
    • Try to record your speech with a neutral background; virtual backgrounds not recommended.
    • Please do not include in the recording useless information, such as the date of the recording.
Specific instructions to record your presentation using Zoom (recommended):
  • First of all you should access https://zoom.us. If you have not used it before you may need to download the Zoom Client and register.
  • Once you have registered, you will be able to access with your user and your password. Then you must select the option HOST A MEETING choosing one of this options:
    • With Video On (recommended) this way your slides’ presentation will be display in the main screen with your face image recorded by your webcam in a small window on the top right margin of the screen.
    • With Video Off: (only in the case that you do not have webcam available) in that case you only will be able to record your voice during the slides’ presentation. 
  • A pop-up will appear and you will need to confirm that you want to Open “Zoom Meetings” you may be ask to install the software if you have not used it before. If this pop-up does not appear please check that you have not set up “Block pop-up Windows” in your browser.
  • After that, you may choose one of these options:
    • Join With Computer Audio
    • Test Speaker and Microphone
  • We would recommend you choose the second option to check that your audio input is working and after that, you only need to confirm the audio input of your PC.  
  • Once you have checked the previous points you will be ready for the recording. At this stage you must open the file of your presentation slides in full screen and then, in the Zoom window you must select the option “Share Screen” on the footer menu.

    You may opt to share your Desktop (to show your whole screen) or you may opt to share only a specific window. We would recommend you to choose the window where you have displayed your PowerPoint presentation slides, this way you avoid to show any other personal information you may have opened or displayed in your desktop.

  • You will also have two options that you should not select, only take these options in account for these cases:
    • Share computer sound: select this option only in the case that you want to display a video with sound; please notice that every sound of your computer will also be recorded, for instance notification sounds, alerts, etc. So this option should not be selected if this is not needed.
    • Optimize Screen Share for Video Clip: you should not select this option, you only need to choose it when your presentation consist in a full screen video instead of small/short videos embedded in your slides’ presentation.
  • When you have your presentation displayed on your screen and this window selected with the option “Share Screen” you will be ready to start your presentation recording. Just click on “Record”, a drop-down menu will open to select where do you want to save your recordings (“Record on this computer” to save your files in your PC or “Record to the Cloud”).
  • When the recording has commenced you will have option to pause or to stop the recording. We recommend you to record the presentation without a break.
  • To finish just click on “Stop Recording” then click on “End Session” and finally click on “End Meeting for All”.
  • In case you have recorded several takes (video files) you must check that you select the appropriate one. You would probably find these videos in a folder called “zoom” in “Documents” folder.
  • Please notice that in case that you have technical doubts about how to record using Zoom or in the event that you do not find your video files you will be able to visit a section with tutorials and FAQs in the Zoom website: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us

Technical Secretariat

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