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Guidelines & online submission

Authors willing to present an online communication at the MeCCE-14 Virtual Event (6-8 July 2021) are welcomed to submit an extended abstract of their work (2 pages MSWord file) to the congress organizers through the MeCCe-14 online submission form.

Please, follow the indications below to prepare and submit your abstract(s). Should you have any question or difficulty with any of these procedures, do not hesitate to contact the MeCCE-14 Conference Secretariat: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    The abstracts must be written in English and should be informative: they must allow the reviewers to make an intelligent decision about the potential of your contribution(s) in terms of interest and relevance to the Chemical Engineering Community – Please, see the “selection procedure” section, below.  Formally, the extended abstracts must also meet the following guidelines:
    • Abstract File format: Microsoft Word (.doc / .docx file)
    • Abstract length: 2 pages, DIN-A4 (21.0 x 29.7 cm).
    • Margins: bottom, left and right set to 2 cm; top set to 2.5cm
    • Single-spaced.
    • Title: bold “title case”, centred, Cambria 15 points
    • Name of authors: centred Cambria, 11 points: FirstName1 (MiddleName1) LastName1, FirstName2 (MiddleName2) LastName2, …
    • Affiliations(s): centred, italic, Cambria, 9 points
    • e-mail of the corresponding author: Centred, Cambria, 9 points.
    • Keywords – Cambria,9 points.
    • Text: Cambria, 9 points, single spaced
    • Section headers (if needed): Cambria, bold - 11 points
    • Tables/Figures Captions: Cambria, 9 points.
    • Graphical resolution for figures should be at least 300 dpi
    See additional format details in the MeCCE-14 template, available for download here:

    When submitting an Abstract to MeCCE-14, you are accepting that:
    • The author(s) has/have not presented this information/result to another scientific meeting and/or published the same information/results in any other way. If the abstract is finally accepted, the transfer of the publishing rights will be required.
    • The accuracy of the submitted information/results is the responsibility of the author(s). Author(s) should prepare and proofread their abstracts carefully prior to submission.
    Each abstract must be electronically uploaded, through the MeCCE-14 online submission form before 3rd May, 2021. Abstracts sent by post, fax or email will not be accepted.
    • Click here to access the online abstract submission form.
    • Fill in the general information of your contribution: title, desired presentation format and topic/subtopic. You also will be asked to accept the transfer of publishing rights.
    • Introduce the required information about the authors.
    • Upload the Abstract MSWord document. In order to efficiently guarantee contents and formatting, you are welcomed to upload your abstract also as a PDF document
    • Check your abstract and complete the submission.
    • Once the file is successfully uploaded, a reference number will be automatically generated and assigned to your contribution. A feedback webpage will display the assigned reference number and an email message with all the associated information will be send to the designated corresponding author.
    The acceptance and the decision about presentation form of the submitted communications will be made on the basis of the 2 pages extended abstract of the work. Abstracts will be reviewed and selected by MeCCE-14 Scientific Committee taking into account the following criteria:
    • Relevance and interest of the problem and its solution for the Chemical Engineering community.
    • Innovation/improvement over the current state of the art: What is new in relation to previous work? Which are the significant new accomplishments?
    • Significance of findings: Which is the impact or significance of the results to the Chemical Engineering community?
    Please, take them into account when preparing your abstract(s).
    Each Delegate is entitled to present one/two contributions to MeCCE-14, depending on his/her registration type, although he/she may also be co-author of other submitted contributions.
    • Full Registration Fee: Each full registered author can present a maximum of 2 contributions.
    • Student Registration Fee: Each student registered author can present 1 contribution
    All presenting authors must be registered before June 14th 2021 through the online registration form, which will available at the “Registration” section of this website.

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