Prior to the hosting of the Olympic Games, two other major events reshaped Barcelona and its architecture. The 1929 Universal Exhibition brought to the city a new area in Montjuïc spreading from “Plaça d’Espanya” to “Palau Nacional”. These grounds have hosted since than many other industrial and commercial exhibitions, congresses, cultural, social and corporate events, as well as the first editions of EXPOQUIMIA and the Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering (MeCCE).

The premises of the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona in 1929.

Fira de Barcelona was constituted in 1932 and every year it organises and hosts shows and congresses that cover the economy's main sectors, as well as some of the largest world events. Fira is a consortium comprised by the Barcelona City Council, the Catalan Generalitat and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, which combines public ownership with autonomous company management. It has over 400,000 m² of exhibition floor space, one of the largest areas in Europe, spread over 2 venues: Montjuïc and Gran Via.
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Historical venue (Universal Exhibition 1929) The new venue of Fira de Barcelona at Gran Via

The Spanish Society of Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (Sociedad Española de Química Industrial e Ingeniería Química, SEQUI) is an EFCE member and was established in 1960 with the aim to contribute to the Chemical Engineering profession and the Chemical Industry in Spain. The society emerged in a crucial moment of the history of the Chemical Industry in Spain (as former SEQUI’s President, Jaume Soley, analyses in the CEP Journal), and incorporated professionals in the Chemical Industry regardless of their academic training and background.

Accordingly, SEQUI soon engaged to establish an industrial exhibition for the chemical sector. This idea led to the International Chemistry Trade Fair, EXPOQUIMIA. The MeCCE started in 1978 and is held triennially within the framework of EXPOQUIMIA, under the Technical and Scientific support of SEQUI.

The MeCCE series led in 2017 to the World Congress of Chemical Engineering (WCCE-10) which was held at Fira de Barcelona. The success of the event, leading to the Declaration of Barcelona, was not an end, and the MeCCE-14 started its way soon after.

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1984. A session of the 3rd Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering 2017. The Barcelona Declaration presented at the closure of the WCCE-10
We are pleased to announce that MeCCE is prepared to offer all of you its 15th edition, in the frame of Expoquimia, open to science and innovation, and shaking hands with all chemical engineers coming from academia and industry

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